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September 21 , 2015

shun kawakami / instagram

Artwork, Exhibition & Installation

[solo exhibition] shun kawakami: snow landscapes

September 21 , 2015

[solo exhibition] shun kawakami:
snow landscapes (25.Sep. - 4.Oct. 2015)
at Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne.

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shun kawakami:
snow landscapes

Shun Kawakami's Snow landscapes exhibition at Backwoods gallery features a series of digital works on paper through which this talented and versatile Japanese artist and designer masterfully plays with light and shadows.

For his latest show coming up at Backwoods Gallery, entitled Snow Landscapes, Japanese artist Shun Kawakami will present a series of digital works presented on a variety of supporting materials, such as hand-crafted gold and silver leaf, custom-made wood paper and Washi - the traditional Japanese paper. What's printed on those papers is the artist's recognisable pieces which play with light and shadows masterfully. Inspired by the longstanding Japanese love for empty spaces (Yohaku) and intervals (Ma), Shun Kawakami creates images that are juxtaposed by subjects and their surroundings, complex and condensed in their own right.

The sharp borders of subjects in Shun Kawakami's images appear as works of calligraphy, clearly outstanding from their bright backgrounds, alluding to the existence and, at the same time, non-existence of everything within the boundaries of the artworks. Focusing on the "filled-out" spaces as much as on the "shallow" ones, Shun Kawakami looks to express his visions through his concepts, but also his mediums. He finds the different kinds of paper he uses in his work to be of crucial importance in carrying the message, as his subjects interact with each of them in a very unique way. In a balanced state between light and darkness, the artist places own imagination and reality, making them happen in a single moment.

The works of Shun Kawakami wonder somewhere between the abstraction and tension placed in the splatters of liquids across his digital canvases, and the realism and peacefulness of his forms, which suggest perfectly possible scenarios. Although these are individual works, sometimes it would seem as if they're only building a bigger picture that the viewers are left to imagine, triggered by settling visual hints.


Shun Kawakami
Japanese artist and designer Shun Kawakami was born in Fukagawa, Tokyo in 1977. This versatile artist has been involved in many creative endeavours, including design, branding, video, installation, interactive art and space production. In 2001, his curiosity and interest into different spheres of life has lead him to become the founder and director of artless Inc, a branding and creative agency for art, design and business. Through his agency, Shun Kawakami has worked with brands and clients like B&B Italia, H&M, Nike, Starbucks and the V&A Museum, among many others.

Shun Kawakami is the recipient of many prestigious international awards, including the 2010 Gold Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, for a video he created for a Finnish tv channel. He is also a member of the New York Art Directors Club (NY ADC), D&AD (London) and the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. Shun Kawakami is also very dedicated to sponsoring and curating exhibitions and artistic projects in his homeland Japan and overseas. In 2008, he participated in the Kansei-Japan Design Exhibition" at Les Arts Décoratifs (Musée du Louvre, Paris), to mark the 150th year of Japan-France exchange.


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credits :
artist: shun kawakami
produced by Backwoods Gallery
directior: Alexander Mitchell
curator: Sean Carroll
manager: Tom Groves



April 02 , 2015

Shun Kawakami
artist / conductor of design
(Born in Tokyo, in 1977.)

Born in Fukagawa Tokyo in 1977. Represents artless Inc. Kawakami has been actively involved in a wide array of creative endeavors including design, art, branding, interactive, video, product, installation, and space production.

Shun Kawakami has been energetically involved in sponsoring exhibitions and projects in Japan and overseas as well as curation while also submitting his art works to different media. In 2008, he was selected to participate in the Kansei-Japan Design Exhibition" at Les Arts Décoratifs (Musée du Louvre, Paris), sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to commemorate the 150th year of Japan-France exchange. For this occasion, he produced a unique art book. In 2010, he won the Gold Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (video for a TV channel in Finland (ch4)). In 2010, he selected to Tokyo Graphic Passport at Centre Pompidou in Paris. In 2015, he was selected to H&M kyoto opening visual artist, and also was selected to Starbuck Shibuya Q-Front Store renewal opening artist.

Kawakami has won several prestigious international awards including NY ADC: Young Gun 6, NY ADC, NY TDC, The One Show and London International Award. Also in Japan, Kawakami has won numerous awards including Tokyo TDC, iF Design, Good Design Award and Tokyo Interactive Ad Award. His professional membership includes New York Art Directors Club (NY ADC), Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.

川上 シュン 

1977年、東京都深川生まれ。artless Inc. 代表。「アートとデザイン」を横断的に考え、安土桃山時代を中心とする水墨画、障壁画、茶の湯、生花、盆栽、作庭、建築など、高度に洗練された「日本独自の美的理念」へ回帰しながらも、2000年以降、急速にデジタル化した「デザインとテクノロジー」との融合により生まれる新たな美の形成を追求している。

その領域は多岐にわたり、 アート、 デザイン、タイポグラフィック、インタラクティブ、映像、インスタレーション、空間演出など、アートとデザイン双方から多方面へアプローチを 続け、国内外問わずグローバルに活動を行う。

2000年、「artless」として独立し「+81 magazine」等のグラフィックデザインを中心に活動をスタート。2008年、世界中の30歳以下の優れたアートディレクター50名を選出する「NY ADC: Young Gun 6」を受賞、翌年の2009年は審査員も行い、同年、日仏交流150周年記念事業として経済産業省が主催するパリ/ルーブル宮内「装美術館」での「感性展」(印刷部門)に選出されアートブックを制作展示。2010 年にはフィンランドの TV 局(ch4)の為に制作した映像作品が、「カンヌ国際広告祭」(Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival) で金賞を受賞。2011年年始、新宿伊勢丹のショーウィンドウ/VMD(ビジュアルマーチャンダイジング)を担当。本館とメンズ館の計21面に及ぶウィンドウと、本館一階「The Stage」のアートディレクション及びグラフィックワークを制作。2012年、デザイン界におけるオスカー賞を自称し、世界的に最も権威のあるデザイン賞の一つ。ドイツ・ハノーファーを拠点とするアワード「iF: International Forum Design Hannover (Germany)」を受賞。同年、CREATIVITY INTERNATIONAL AWARDS : 41st annualも受賞。2013年、ONE SHOW DESIGN(NY)ゴールドペンシル/金賞、アジアを代表するデザインアワード「DFAA - Design For Asia Award 2013 (Hong Kong)」を受賞し、また、国内でも、東京TDC、グッドデザイン賞、SDA AWARDS 2013、DSA Award - Japan Design Space Association Award (GOLD PRIZE - 日本空間デザイン賞/優秀賞) を受賞。2014年、H&M Kyotoのオープニングアーティストに選出されグラフィックアート作品を制作。2015年、Web界のアカデミー賞と称されるThe Webby Awardを受賞。同年、スターバックスShibuya Q-Front 店のリニューアルに際し、壁面の全体のアートワークを担当。

その他、ポンピドゥセンター、ミラノサローネ、TENT LONDON、DMY(ベルリン)、BODW(香港)シンガポールデザインフェスティバル、上海デザインビエンナーレ等、国内外でのエキシビションやフェスティバルにも参加。NY ADC、D&AD、The One Show、 London International Award 、NY TDC、Tokyo TDC、グッドデザイン賞、Tokyo Interactive Ad Award 等、国内外で多数の受賞歴を持つ。

Member :
The Art Directors Club (New York)
Japan Graphic Designers Association / JAGDA



Tokyo, Japan
1-32-12-13F higashi shibuya tokyo 150-0011 japan



art for hotel / satoyama jujo by jijujin

March 26 , 2015

[art] shun kawakami in Satoyaka Jujo, Niigata, Japan.
* hotel: satoyama jujo by jijujin

credits :
artist: shun kawakami
project management and art direction: artless Inc.
creative direction : Toru Iwasa and Jiyu-jin
photographer: kyohei matsuda (mash creative)




H&M Kyoto : new store opening collaboration artist - shun kawakami

December 13 , 2014

"H&M Kyoto"
new store opening collaboration artist - shun kawakami
at H&M (Kyoto, Japan)







credit :
art and design: shun kawakami
design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
agency: en one tokyo
client: H&M Japan

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