Exhibition & Installation

NO COMPLY 2008 in Melbourne

October 16 , 2008

November 7th - 23rd


Acorn (Can), Al Stark (Aus), Andy Sargent (Aus), Artless / Shun Kawakami (Japan), Ashley Wood (Aus), B.Bot Defence Systems Inc (Aus), Beastman (Aus), Ben Brown (Aus), Ben Totty (Aus), Benzo And Monk (Aus), Bonsai (Aus), Cey Adams (U.S.A), Claudio Mantuano (Aus), Cope2 (U.S.A), Cycle (U.S.A), Dion (Brazil), Drew (Aus), Eamo (Aus), Enivo (Brazil), Ethics (Aus), Filur (Brazil), Ghost Patrol (Aus), Glenno (Aus), Horoiwa (Brazil), Hugo Atkins (Aus), Imaone (Jap), Indie184 (U.S.A), Inoue Jun (Jap), Insane (Brazil), Itch (Aus), Jae Copp (Aus), Jagi (Aus), Jahan Loh (Taiwan), Jaz Loh (Singapore), Jee (U.S.A), Justin Lee Williams (Aus), Kab101 (Aus), Kano (Aus), Keith Ciarmello (U.S.A), Kngee (U.S.A), Kiki Hitomi (U.K), Krink (U.S.A), Lessly Repettaux (U.S.A), Luca Ionescu (Aus), Madsaki (Japan), Marty Schneider (Aus), Meggs (Aus), Mephisto Jones (New Zealand), Merry (Japan), Mhak (Japan), Miso (Aus), Mr. 44 (U.S.A), Nate Trapnell (Aus), Nails (Aus), Nero (Japan), Nior (Aus), Nurock (Aus), Oeil (Japan), Phibs (Aus), Phunk Studio (Singapore), Prakrti (Brazil), Puzle (Aus), Radio (Aus), Reka (Aus), Retos (Brazil), Rone (Aus), Sean Kelly (Aus), Senses (Aus), Shaunna Peterson (U.S.A), Sheone (U.K), Steve Gourlay (Aus), Str (Japan), Suiko (Japan), Sutu (Aus), Sync (Aus), Tenga (Japan), The Yok (Aus), Timba Smits (Aus), Two One (Aus), Weniki Hensch (Aus), Will Murai (Brazil), Wonderlust (Aus).
check www.nocomply.com.au.au for more news.

The Melbourne exhibition
will be held at No Vacancy Gallery,
Red Cape Lane
in QV, Melbourne.

Launch party, Friday the 7th of November, 7pm until 10pm.

The collection will be on display for 3 weeks, 10am until 7pm, Tuesdays to
Sunday, until the 23rd of November.


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