wow tenspace

September 22 , 2010

wow tenspace
inspired by WOW10 artbook

concept of design :
The space between the number on count-up. That space is what we consider as time itself.
We creates that time of the space as an image into the three dimension world.
Eleven of "IKEBANAS" are created as three dimension object and arranged into the vast space.
The camera sequentially cathes those works like being thrown into the flow of time one by one.

credit :
creative direction, motion graphics by
Wow Inc.
music by Masato Hatanaka

artworks by
shun kawakami (artless)
illustration by tadashi ura
photography by taisuke koyama

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© artless Inc. All rights direction + design by artless (tokyo) / interactive design by manmaru (paris) / sound by noiselessly